Doomsday Preppers: Nuclear Disaster

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Too many idle nuclear weapons have injected extreme fear, much of which is plausible, into average Americans. Peter Larson expresses his concerns of a nuclear apocalypse in the National Geographic series “Doomsday Preppers”.

You can watch Peter’s story at the time: (36:57)

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Especially in a time of the “2012” frenzy, viable threats such as idle WMDs play a significant role in alarming the community of the uncertainties of peace. Whether the fate of “2012” hold true or false, the arsenals of nuclear weapons worldwide remain a fear that embeds itself in many Americans, especially when in association with terrorist organizations.

It’s amazing to see the extremes people, such as Peter, have gone to for the protection of their families. Such a craze of a nuclear apocalypse could be as easily erased as putting forward another simultaneous nuclear reduction; a nuclear reduction involving the world that will remove sources of destructive weapons from terrorizing humanity.

Economic sanctions and political pressure from the government may prove a significant force in compelling nations to disarm. However, closed societies such as that of North Korea, may prove more of a challenge to sanction as they commit to only light trading with China, America’s marketplace. The webs of economics and history present treacherous navigation; perhaps by removing US nuclear weapons, Americans may pave the way for “learning by example” to protect humanity and the human race in general.

Nevertheless, a need to draw-down nuclear arsenals around the world – at the very minimum, a US effort and leading example – is necessary to prevent these “doomsday” devices from falling into the wrong hands whether at home or abroad.

Written by Kevin Rajput

Coalition for Peace Action, Youth for Peace (2011)

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