Programs for Peace

The Coalition publishes and distributes non-partisan Voter Guides comparing the stands of the candidates on peace and gun violence issues to educate voters before Election Day. From 1995 to 2000, the candidate who was significantly better on peace and gun violence prevention won in 9 of 10 targeted races.

Annual Conference and
Interfaith Service for Peace:
Each fall, the CFPA sponsors a major religious and educational gathering on current peace issues. Speakers have included General William Burns, Ben Cohen, Marion Wright Edelman, Daniel Ellsberg, George Kennan, George McGovern, Mary McGrory, Patricia Schroeder, Cyrus Vance, Bishop Leontine Kelly, and Andrew Young, among others.
Annual Membership Dinner
and Gathering:
The CFPA holds an annual gathering and dinner open to all members to learn of and give input to our work. Speakers have included William Sloane Coffin, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Freeman Dyson, and John Kenneth Galbraith, among others.
Annual Concert for Peace:
Annually since 1986, the CFPA has sponsored a Concert for Peace to raise funds and provide cultural expressions for peace. Performers have included David Byrne, the Paul Winter Consort, Richie Havens, Holly Near, Emerson String Quartet, Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, Baba Olatunji, Suzanne Vega, Dar Williams, Janis Ian, and many others.
Peace Voter Lobbying:
Using petitions, letters, phone calls, and personal meetings, the Coalition lobbies New Jersey elected representatives to sponsor and support specific legislation to advance our goals. With its Urgent Action and Email Networks, over 1,000 households and key organizations are alerted when important legislation needs to be advocated to our representatives.
Through press conferences, press releases, radio and television programs, letters to the editor, and op-ed pieces, the Coalition conveys information and perspectives on our priorities through the mass media.
Public Witness:
The Coalition organizes vigils, rallies, and other public demonstrations to call attention of the community, the media, and our elected representatives to the urgent need for advancing our goals. At times the CFPA co-sponsors events with other organizations to increase our effectiveness in advocating initiatives such as childproof handguns and projects such as peaceful conflict resolution.Each year in August the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration is held. Speakers and other cultural elements come together in a program in remembrance of the victims of nuclear weapons.
Gun Violence Prevention:
Working closely with Ceasefire NJ and other groups, the Coalition has played a leading role in gun violence prevention efforts. In 1993, we helped defeat the NRA’s effort to rescind New Jersey’s Assault Weapon’s ban, the first and strongest such ban in the nation. The next year the National Assault Weapons ban and the Brady Bill were passed by Congress. In 2000 the Coalition organized buses to go to the Million Mom March, supervised a Princeton University study on childproof handguns, and successfully lobbied the NJ Senate for passage of the Childproof Handgun bill.
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